What are the benefits of refurbishing your own screens with us?

1) This is a cheaper alternative to buying new replacement screens.

2) Helps to reduce waste, who knew recycling a screen would be so easy.

3) Superior quality to cheaper alternatives

4) Fully refurbished within the UK

5) Lifetime warranty

6) Because we're the best, so why go elsewhere?!

Okay, so now I know that, how do I get started...?


Alternatively, do you want to turn your broken screens into cash?


Here's our pricing...

iPhone 12 Series£199
iPhone 11 Pro Max£70
iPhone 11 Pro£70
iPhone 11£50
iPhone XS Max£47
iPhone XS£40
iPhone XR£45
iPhone X£40
iPhone 8 Plus£18
iPhone 8£17
iPhone 7 Plus£17
iPhone 7£16
iPhone 6S Plus£12
iPhone 6S£12
iPhone 6 Plus£10
iPhone 6£10
Samsung DeviceFrom £99
Apple Watch Series 3£80
Apple Watch Series 4£100
Apple Watch Series 5£100
Apple Watch Series 6£120
Apple Watch SE£120

Still need convincing? Not a problem, feel free to call our warehouse on 01543 468 511 to discuss any questions you may have, or email us below and we will get back to you.


Sell your broken screens to us

Are you looking to empty that box of damaged screens but unsure where to send them? Look no further!

Providing the display itself still works, we will pay you more than you probably think, so make some money from those broken screens today!

How much can I get?

The prices we pay per screen vary on model and display type. Those screen you thought had no value, they're worth something to us.

Take a look at our price list to see how much you could earn.

Model - ApplePrice Paid
iPhone 12 Pro Max (OEM)£130
iPhone 12 Pro (OEM)£120
iPhone 12 (OEM)£120
iPhone 12 Mini (OEM)£80
iPhone 11 Pro Max (OEM)£60
iPhone 11 Pro (OEM)£40
iPhone 11 (OEM)£15
iPhone 11 (OEM) (Bad Touch)£10
iPhone XS Max (OEM)£30
iPhone XS Max (OEM) (Bad Touch)£25
iPhone XS (OEM)£17
iPhone XS (OEM) (Bad Touch)£15
iPhone XR (OEM)£7
iPhone XR (OEM) (Bad Touch)£5
iPhone X (OEM)£17
iPhone X (OEM) (Bad Touch)£15
iPhone SE 2nd Gen (OEM)£7
iPhone 8+ (OEM)£7
iPhone 8 (OEM)£5
iPhone 7+ (OEM)£3
iPhone 7 (OEM)£2
iPhone 6S+ (OEM)£1
iPhone 6S (OEM)£0.50
iPhone 6+ (OEM)£1
iPhone 6 (OEM)£1
Model - SamsungPrice Paid
Galaxy S20 Ultra£75
Galaxy S20 Plus£75
Galaxy S20£55
Galaxy S10 5G£45
Galaxy S10 Plus£55
Galaxy S10£45
Galaxy S10 Lite£40
Galaxy S10e£25
Galaxy S9 Plus£40
Galaxy S9£35
Galaxy S8 Plus£35
Galaxy S8£30
Galaxy S7 Edge£25
Galaxy S7£10
Galaxy S6 Edge Plus£5
Galaxy S6 Edge£5
Galaxy S6£20
Galaxy Note 10 Plus£85
Galaxy Note 10£65
Galaxy Note 10 Lite£40
Galaxy Note 9£50
Galaxy Note 8£20
Galaxy A70£10
Galaxy A50£10
Galaxy A40£10
Galaxy A10£5
Galaxy A90£15
Galaxy A80£10
Galaxy A71£15
Galaxy A51£15
Galaxy A41£15
Galaxy A21s£5

If you model is missing from the above list, please contact us and we we try our upmost to help you out.

"Okay... I want to turn my screens into cash!"

No Problem! Simply click the button below and we will do the hard work for you!