Board-level repairs


Apple devices (iPhone 5, 6 and 7 series, and all iPad Models):-

  • No Backlight - £50
    • Issue: For when you can just see your display with no light illuminating the screen.
  • No Power - £60
    • Issue: For when your device does not power on.
  • No Charging Solution - £40
    • Issue: For when the device does not seem to charge.
  • Touch Problems - £60
    • Issue: For when you can see the display, however you are unable to touch anything on the display.
  • SIM Reader Replacement - £50
    • Issue: For when your device shows either 'No SIM Card' or 'No Service' when the SIM is inserted.
  • Damaged connectors (FPC) or pry damage - £40
  • Home Button - £90
  • Liquid Damage Data Recovery - £150 - 450

For any repairs that are not listed above, please contact us here.

All repairs carry a 12 Month warranty (Excluding Liquid damaged devices)

Repair turnaround is 1-3 working days on all board level and 5-10 working days on data recovery

Fancy repairing the devices yourself? Click HERE for more information.